Anne & Valentin is a brand born from the wild dream of two opticians from Toulouse, a town in the South-West of France. The couple, looking for graphic and original frames for their friends, decided to create what they couldn’t find. Today, still driven by their fierce independence and their familial state of mind, they continue to develop a vision that embodies their research, fueled by the highest standards and their love for the object itself.

In the Anne & Valentin creation studio, the designers cultivate a permanent thinking process where Design plays a central role. They constantly question themselves and find ways to redefine lines and volumes, rethink the relationship between reliefs and face, draw on the various artistic expressions that have left an imprint in history.

Their story evolves with each individual who crosses their path: friends, customers, strangers encountered in the street, emerging or confirmed artists. From their personalities – deep, curious and surprising, who differ, in ages, styles, genres… to Art, in its many shapes and forms – architecture, photography, plastic arts, fashion, cinema, everything is a source of inspiration to their creative flow. Everything is movement. Everything is transformation. Everything is color. Everything is matter.